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Securing Our Greatest Natural Asset

The consistent production of high-quality drinking water requires a thorough understanding of the interrelationships between water supply, treatment, design, construction, and operations. Apexsopicglobal has experience with every aspect of potable water production, from source development to construction and operations.

While the production of safe drinking water encompasses many services, Apexsopicglobal has specific project experience in hydrogeology, hydraulic modeling, new source investigation, pump stations, rate studies, storage and distribution, water system master planning, and water treatment. Apexsopicglobal has completed water treatability studies on both groundwater and surface water supplies; comprehensive facility audits and planning programs; and the design, construction, and operation of water supply, distribution, and treatment facilities.

In addition to Apexsopicglobal’s project experience, members of our growing staff hold numerous certifications and accreditations including registered civil and environmental professional engineers, certified wastewater operators, health and safety certified supervisors, and 10-hour OSHA Construction Safety training.

Drinking water

Our Water Supply Solutions

While some sources of water degradation are out of our control, such as incidents and natural disasters, there are many factors within our control that can both improve overall water quality and contribute to a more sustainable and responsible water ecosystem. Apexsopicglobal's engineers and water professionals have experience with the design, implementation, and optimization of new and existing water supply infrastructure for both public and private organizations across the country. Contact us today to learn more about our water quality services and solutions.

  • Hydraulic modeling
  • Hydrogeology/new source investigations
  • Pumping, storage, and distribution
  • Rate studies
  • Unidirectional flushing programs
  • Water quality studies
  • Water system master planning
  • Water treatment facilities
  • Analysis and optimization
  • Capital improvements
  • Cross connection
  • Groundwater supply
  • Operations and maintenance
  • Water quality testing
  • Revised Total Coliform Rule (RTCR) Level 2 Assessments
  • Licensed operation of water systems
  • Licensed operation of wastewater systems
  • Testing and inspection
  • General system maintenance
  • Design/re-design of systems
  • System evaluation and troubleshooting
  • Permitting and regulatory compliance
  • Training

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