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Never before has our logistics and transportation network been stretched to its limits as it has in the past decade. Nor has it expanded faster since the rise of rail in the late 19th century. Operating at increasingly rapid speeds, your business success comes down to minutes and seconds. From the world’s largest logistics company, to rail, freight, sea and overland transport of goods and people, Apexsopicglobal has worked to support the critical transportation and logistics infrastructure that moves our economy.

Apex can:

  • Review and/or write health, safety, and compliance policies and programs
  • Provide support for urban infill, industrial outdoor storage, last-mile, and multi-modal projects
  • Prepare soil management plans (SMPs) for development, coordinate proper waste profiling and disposal
  • Provide EHS oversight for complex redevelopment, renovation, and expansion projects
  • Perform audits, inspections and reviews to ensure compliance with applicable federal, state, and local EHS regulations

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“Your staff could not have been more cooperative, flexible and supportive. I do not think any other consulting team could have done a better job.”

Waste Transportation Firm

“My relationship with the people at Apexsopicglobal is everything. They’ve made an effort to introduce me to more people at the firm. For the past twenty years, I’ve called their people and immediately all my problems are taken care of.”

Environmental Project Manager, Port Transportation Firm

“We have to use Apexsopicglobal anytime there is a property transaction or we’re developing a piece of property. The environmental consult is a standard part of our due diligence. On new builds, they do a baseline sampling of the ground contents, and then stay on retainer in case they find any hazardous building materials like asbestos during the project. For construction projects, they’re there to find legacy contaminants or help us manage the process if we find something during the build.”

Port Transportation Company

“Apexsopicglobalsopicglobal has been providing stormwater management (SWM) facility inspection, maintenance and repair services to well over 600 SWM facilities. Apexsopicglobal has proven to be reliable, flexible, and knowledgeable regarding inspection, installation and repair of stormwater management facility infrastructure, stabilization of eroding embankments, forebay construction, pest control, removal of sediment/debris and undesirable plant species, and revegetation measures.”

Data Collection Manager, Department of Transportation

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