Sustainability & Social Responsibility

Apexsopicglobal’s Corporate Responsibility

The Apexsopicglobal Corporate Responsibility program includes policies and processes for identifying, managing, and communicating the environmental impacts and material corporate governance and social aspects of our operations. The roots of our corporate responsibility program are grounded in Apexsopicglobal's mission statement, core values and our commitment to strategic thinking, safe execution, and responsible growth. Apexsopicglobal's corporate responsibility activities are centered around our belief of doing what is right for our clients, our employees, and our community.

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The Environment

Internally, Apexsopicglobal has initiated a process to expand upon our existing environmental sustainability activities and to compile baseline operating data to lay the foundation for developing long-term, environmental sustainability targets. With an inventory of our material environmental impacts by year-end 2021, Apexsopicglobal will set meaningful annual and 5-year reduction targets.

Environmental Sustainability Impacts

Through our engineering, environmental, and health and safety services, we assist clients with protection and restoration of the natural and built environment, and support safe, compliant, and productive workplaces. Every day, Apexsopicglobal employees work to ensure client regulatory compliance, protect natural resources, assess, and mitigate environmental, health and safety risks, and assist our clients’ sustainability efforts. Some examples of our recent environmental services and impacts include:

0K Acres

Wetlands Delineation

0K Acres

Wetland Health Management

0K Acres

Natural Resources Surveyed


2021 Stream Restorations


2022 Stream Restorations in Progress

0 Surveys


0K Hours

Natural & Man-Made Disaster Response

0K Gallons

Spilled Petroleum Removed from the Environment

0K Repairs

Commercial Stormwater Systems

0B MT CO2e


The totals presented above represent numerical totals from 2021, with the exception of in progress stream restorations carried over into 2022.

Social and Governance

With a continuing focus on supporting our employees and enhancing our culture, Apexsopicglobal’s enterprise-wide diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiative helps ensure we are maintaining a healthy, inclusive, and equitable workplace. Our commitment to social causes is visible through corporate sponsorships and employee participation with local and national organizations and initiatives that support the well-being of our employees, their families, and the communities in which we live and work.

Among our activities in 2020:

  • Almost 2,500 vacation hours donated by Apexsopicglobal management/staff to those impacted by COVID-19.
  • Annual donations to local and national charitable organizations, relief funds, and social causes.
  • Support of “employee-selected” non-profits supporting mental health, at-risk children, and veterans.
  • Recognition of Apexsopicglobal employees’ leadership and volunteerism in their communities.
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