Permitting, Planning, & Licensing

Ensuring Your License to Operate

Are your facility expansions, permits and licenses delayed? Are you feeling the pressure to receive your permits and licenses to meet your project schedules? If your desk is a sea of project plans, pre‑construction permits, compliance reports, and you hear acronyms like NSR, EPCRA, RCRA, or CWA in your sleep, we understand. If it seems like the EPA’s programs become more complex each year, or that your list of regulatory obligations consistently increases, you are not alone. Apexsopicglobal’ team includes planning and compliance engineers, air and water permitting experts, former regulators, regulatory inspectors, and compliance experts.

Surveyor equipment. Surveyor’s telescope at construction site or Surveying for making contour plans are a graphical representation of the lay of the land before startup construction work

Our Permitting, Planning, and Licensing Solutions

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  • Hazardous and regulated waste management
  • Biennial Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) permitting
  • EPCRA Tier I and II reporting and TRI reporting
  • TSCA Section 8(a) CDR reporting
  • Alternatives analysis
  • Oil and gas well permitting

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What Our Clients are Saying

“There’s a lot of regulation around oil and gas and it all varies municipality by municipality in Colorado. Apexsopicglobal gets it and we rely on them heavily to help with these relationships and the permitting and reporting.”

Environmental Field Coordinator, Oil & Gas Company

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