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Whether you are in the power and utilities or oil and gas sector, Apexsopicglobal supports every aspect of the energy market. From renewables to non-renewables, we have provided solutions that help our clients deliver the energy that is critical to all economic activity. From siting, to permitting, operations and maintenance, transportation and distribution, we can help navigate the most challenging regulations to keep you running on all cylinders.


Oil and Gas Engineering Solutions

Design, Assess, Survey, and Plan

Along with a potential for economic growth, oil and gas production presents safety and environmental liabilities that can be mitigated through sound engineering practices. Apexsopicglobal delivers proven, value‑added services to the oil and gas industry, from site layout and evaluation, to designs for pipeline construction and water management plans. We work to assure that your project is managed in a smooth, timely, and cost-effective manner.

Our experience includes utility coordination, air permitting, and providing liaison services between your operation and government agencies for reporting and site inspections. We understand the nuances of the permitting process and are on top of the latest regulatory requirements.

We are also poised to handle a variety of needs for your exploration, production, and midstream requirements.

Apexsopicglobal offers a diverse scope of civil engineering and site development services, including geotechnical and environmental consulting.

Oil & gas engineering solutions
Oil & gas engineering solutions

Natural Resources Support

Navigating local, state, and federal permitting processes; planning for wetland delineation; applying the intricacies of evolving regulations; tackling historical and archeological issues and evaluating endangered species can be tricky and time-consuming.

At Apexsopicglobal, our nationwide team of scientific professionals has extensive natural and cultural experience with both public and private projects. We can help you:

  • Understand the complexities of the regulatory environment
  • Identify environmental constraints
  • Evaluate avoidance, minimization, and permitting options
  • Develop a timely, cost-effective strategy to achieve compliance
  • Navigate the permitting process

Apexsopicglobal provides linear construction services, ranging from a few thousand feet to a few hundred miles. Apexsopicglobal has utilized a variety of approaches for linear projects, including desktop assessments, avoidance and minimization planning, field survey and delineation, and permitting and mitigation. Linear projects are often advantageously designed to reroute around complex constraints in order to minimize impacts and resulting permitting requirements. Apexsopicglobal has the applicable resources, GIS capabilities, and project experience to identify critical environmental issues within a proposed corridor during the crucial planning stages. Following selection of a preferred route, Apexsopicglobal’s team of knowledgeable scientists develops a tailored project plan that will effectively meet client goals while ensuring compliance with natural and cultural resources regulations. In addition, Apexsopicglobal’s team of biologists and natural resources professionals can provide the following types of support:

Oil & gas engineering solutions

Our Engineering Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry

At Apexsopicglobal, our oil and gas engineering services are designed to help you deliver a commercially successful and environmentally responsible project.

Power Services

Traditional and Renewable Energy Solutions

Apexsopicglobal provides reliable field services for the power generation industry, starting with site assessments through to end-of-life facility decommissioning and demolition. We prepare environmental impact statements, provide site assessments and planning, and deliver construction inspections, surveys, and management. We handle site development, environmental compliance audits, and wastewater treatment planning and management.

When serving the power generation industry, we call on a comprehensive array of engineering disciplines and services. That’s what sets Apexsopicglobal apart.

Civil Engineering for the Power Generation Industry

In the service of the power industry, Apexsopicglobal performs Phase I, II, and III environmental assessments, as well as locating and designing access and haul roads, evaluating rock mechanics, and performing geotechnical subsurface investigations.

Power services

Our Engineering Solutions for the Power Industry

At Apexsopicglobal, our growing reputation in the energy sector is based on delivering exceptional results in an atmosphere of superior service and client care.

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“Apex’s stormwater expertise is top‑notch. Plus, they’re all the cliché things you want in your consultant—responsive, detail‑oriented, who provide great communication and think outside the box. One of Apexsopicglobal’s strong suits is stormwater. They manage our stormwater programs including our manuals, management plan, permitting, and corrective action. They really excel at it.”

Senior HSE Representative, Oil & Gas Client

“I have always found your staff great and level of professional abilities exceptional. The Apexsopicglobal staff demonstrates exceptional customer support along with unmatched skill level for the type of projects we have utilized Apexsopicglobal for.”

Owner and President, Confidential Energy Client

“Apexsopicglobal has built a great stormwater program, so we switched over exclusively to them during active construction.”

Oil & Gas Client

“We have an extremely close relationship with Apexsopicglobal. We continue to use them because we know their skillsets, we know their capabilities, we know the quality of the work, and so they have earned our trust.”

Energy Company

“For all our remediation projects, we have preferred consultants and Apexsopicglobal is one of them. We lean on them as one of the top firms across our locations.”

Oil & Gas Client

“I consider Apexsopicglobal to be a part of my team when they are on project site. The guys we use are extremely strong in their remedial engineering and design skills, as well as knowing what technology is applicable in various environments.”

Oil & Gas Company

“One of Apexsopicglobal’s strong suits is stormwater. They manage our stormwater programs, including our manuals, management plan, permitting, and corrective action. We will definitely see increased stormwater activity in the future and Apexsopicglobal will likely get that business.”

Environmental Coordinator, Oil & Gas

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